Inheritance: StyledElement AvaloniaUI documentation: Visual API



clipToBounds(value: bool)

Sets the ClipToBounds property.

clip(value: WidgetBuilder<'msg, #IFabGeometry>)

Sets the Clip widget property.

clip(value: Geometry)

Sets the Clip property.

isVisible(value: bool)

Sets the IsVisible property.

opacity(value: double)

Sets the Opacity property.

opacityMask(value: WidgetBuilder<'msg, #IFabBrush>)

Sets the OpacityMask widget property.

opacityMask(value: IBrush)

Sets the OpacityMask property.

opacityMask(value: string)

Sets the OpacityMask property.

renderTransform(value: WidgetBuilder<'msg, #IFabTransform>)

Sets the RenderTransform property.

renderTransform(value: ITransform)

Sets the RenderTransform property.

renderTransformOrigin(value: RelativePoint)

Sets the RenderTransformOrigin property.

zIndex(value: int)

Sets the ZIndex property.

flowDirection(value: FlowDirection)

Sets the FlowDirection property.



onAttachedToVisualTree(fn: VisualTreeAttachmentEventArgs -> 'msg)

Raised when the control is attached to a rooted visual tree.

onDetachedFromVisualTree(fn: VisualTreeAttachmentEventArgs -> 'msg)

Raised when the control is detached from a rooted visual tree.

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