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Inheritance: Interactive AvaloniaUI documentation: InputElement API


focusable(value: bool)
Sets the Focusable property.
isEnabled(value: bool)
Sets the IsEnabled property.
cursor(value: Cursor)
Sets the Cursor property.
isHitTestVisible(value: bool)
Sets the IsHitTestVisible property.
isTabStop(value: bool)
Sets the IsTabStop property.
tabIndex(value: int)
Sets the TabIndex property.


onGotFocus(fn: GotFocusEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when control receives focus.
onLostFocus(fn: RoutedEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when control loses focus.
onKeyDown(fn: KeyEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when a key is pressed while the control has focus.
onKeyUp(fn: KeyEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when a key is released while the control has focus.
onTextInput(fn: TextInputEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when a user typed some text while the control has focus.
onTextInputMethodClientRequested(fn: TextInputMethodClientRequestedEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when an input element gains input focus and input method is looking for the corresponding client.
onPointerEntered(fn: PointerEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when pointer enters the control.
onPointerExited(fn: PointerEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when pointer leaves the control.
onPointerMoved(fn: PointerEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when pointer moves over the control.
onPointerPressed(fn: PointerPressedEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when the pointer is pressed over the control.
onPointerReleased(fn: PointerReleasedEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when the pointer is released over the control.
onPointerCaptureLost(fn: PointerCaptureLostEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when the control or its child control loses the pointer capture for any reason event will not be triggered for a parent control if capture was transferred to another child of that parent control.
onPointerWheelChanged(fn: PointerWheelEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when the pointer wheel changes.
onTapped(fn: RoutedEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when a tap gesture occurs on the control.
onHolding(fn: HoldingRoutedEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when a holding gesture occurs on the control.
onDoubleTapped(fn: RoutedEventArgs -> 'msg)
Raised when a double-tap gesture occurs on the control.